• Would like to learn to brew, but don't want to try it alone?
  • Are you tired of all the mess brewing leaves in your kitchen?
  • Would you like to brew batches up 15 gallons or more?
  • Would you like host a brewing party for all your friends?

Don't just drink, Create it!

Our Brew on Premise is perfect for you!

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What is Brew on Premise (BOP)   It's a place where you can brew your own beer or make your own wine. You use our equipment and supplies.   Best of all, we clean it all up.


Why Brew on Premise?


1. Clean up -- Like any cooking project, brewing makes a small mess. Your kitchen stays clean and we clean up!


2. Quantity -- Home brewers usually brew in 5 gallon batches. Here, you can brew 5, 10 or 15 gallons at a time. Even more!


3. Sociability -- Brew with a friend or a spouse or come alone and meet other brewers.


4. Help -- No experience necessary. We will help you through the whole process.


5. Cost -- Try home brewing before investing in all of the equipment. To see our latest price sheet, click the link below.

"The Beginners Special" Brewing Session"

What is the Beginners Special? It's our all inclusive on-site introduction to home brewing. It consists of a 3 hour course on home brewing where we walk you through all the steps, provide all the ingredients and equipment, and provide you with all the knowledge you'll need to brew at home on your own. You'll make five gallons (2 cases) of beer, of your choosing, on-site with us helping you throughout the process.

Gift Certificates

Stop by the shop or contact us today about getting a Gift Certificate for the brewer or wine maker in your life. Or get them started brewing with a "Beginners Special" gift certificate.


A typical "Beginners Special" gift certificate is for 1 batch, 5 gallons (2 cases) and usually includes bottles. Total cost is $120.00 this is a great way to get someone who interested in home brewing started. Stop by the shop today and pick one up or give us a call.

Brew on Premise Information

We invite you to brew a batch of your very own, hand-crafted beer. No experience is necessary.  Make your beer with The Flying Barrel and we’ll guide you through the process from the kettle to the bottle. It only take 2 visits, approximately 2-3 weeks apart



Setup an appointment for one of our brewing days by phone, e mail or in-store. We do ask you to set appointments ahead of your desired brewing day.


You choose the recipe, feel free bring in your own recipe, pick from one of our many recipes, or have one of our instructors customize one just for you. Brew 5, 10 or 15 gallons (two to six cases). Brewing prices include ingredients, use of our facility, and brewing instruction from one of our experience instructors.

Visit 1: Brewing – 2-3 hour session includes, brewing process overview, measuring ingredients, steeping and sparging the grains, stirring in the malt, boiling hops, chilling the wort and pitching the yeast. Then it stays in our fermentation room for 2-3 weeks


Visit 2: Bottling – 1 hour session, racking the beer, adding priming sugar, filling/capping bottles. At this point your beer will be taken home to condition and carbonate.


Brewing Day & Start Times










5 Gallons........

10 Gallons........

15 Gallons........

$100.00   2 Cases

$175.00   4 Cases

$225.00   5 Cases

Large group and party events possible

Call for more information

Plus $10 a case for bottles

Prices are per batch not per person, so feel free to bring a friend

We also offer all-grain brewing.

All-grain brewing is done on Sundays at 10:30 and the cost $120.00 for a 5 gallon batch, plus $20 for bottles. Please call for availability

Note: The all-grain is a much longer process, so plan to spend about 5 hours from start to finish.


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