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Here at the Flying Barrel we are always looking for new items to help and better serve our customers, so we regularly get new items. So let us know what you think. If there's ever anything you think we should include in our fully stock store please feel free to Contact us.


Don't just drink, Create it!

Fast Rack - Bottle Rack

FastRack is a bottle storage and draining tool that offers improved stability, sanitation, and space management compared to traditional, tree-shaped bottle drainers. Each rack has 24 holes, sized to fit almost any bottle. Loading upside down bottles into the holes is quick and easy. Nothing ever touches the interior of the bottle, which reduces the risk of contamination after sanitizing. FastRacks stack on top of each other, so you can fit a lot of bottles in a small space.


Rack is $15.95, drip tray is $9.95

Oak Spirals

Kettle False Bottom

Check out our up-to-date grain list.

These provide great alternative to oak chips/cubes. Spirals have a large surface area and are easier to get in and out of carboys. There are two 9” spirals per pack. American Oak comes in light, medium, and heavy toasts. French Oak comes in light and heavy. We also have Spanish Cedar spirals.

At 15” in diameter, this stainless steel false bottom will fit perfectly in our 42qt and 60qt brew kettles. Stands 2.5” off the bottom of the pot, giving enough room for kettle valve.

We carry a large selection of grains for your brewing needs. Check out our comprehensive grain list, and if there's a malt we don't carry in stock that you need we are always happy order it. You can pick it up at our store or we can send to your front door.

Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine

Aeration System

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A brand new, 120 page, quarterly publication that switches back and forth between craft beer and homebrew. The premiere issue highlighted India Pale Ales, and issue number two emphasizes Saisons.



Convenient way to aerate pre-fermented wort. The small electronic pump comes with sanitary filter, tubing, and a 2 micron diffusion stone. Diffusion stone have a ¼” barb and are also sold separately.


Complete System $29.95


Diffusion Stone $9.99

Click here for a full list of our In-stock and special order hop varieties.

Check out our Yeast list.

Ball Lock To-Go Pump

Perfect for bringing a keg of homebrew to a summer party, this picnic pump will fit into a ball-lock corny keg.



Brew in a Bag Ingredient Kits

Brew in a Bag ingredient kits by Brewer’s Best include pre-crushed grain, pellet hops, dry yeast, and step-by-step directions. The BIAB method is a great way to start all-grain brewing without needing to invest in a full-blown mash tun. With a 42qt pot, an oversized straining bag, and one of these ingredient kits, you’ll be set to brew your first all-grain batch.


American IPA: $46.95


German Wheat: $34.95


American Pale Ale: $39.95


Sweet Stout: $36.95

Click here for a full list of our In-stock beer, wine and other yeast strains.

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